Terms & Conditions

1. Geartec Commercials guarantee this unit against failure or defect due to:
(i) faulty material used in the new parts on rebuilding or reconditioning
(ii) faulty workmanship, becoming apparent during the guaranteed period of three//six/twelve months from the date of purchase

2. This guarantee is conditional upon the following terms and conditions being observed and complied with at all times
(a) that the units are properly installed and are operated and maintained in accordance with sound and reasonable practice and have not been subjected to abuse and or misuse
(b) that the units are installed immediately following delivery or alternatively that they are properly and reasonably stored prior to installation
(c) that Geartec Commercials Ltd is notified within seven days of the discovery of any defect or failure and within thirty days thereof of the Buyers intention to make a claim under their guarantee in respect thereof and the unit is made available for inspection ,repair or replacement by Geartec Commercials Ltd at Geartec Commercials Ltd premises carriage paid.

3. Subject to the above condition in the event of the discovery of a defect or failure of the unit and if such defect or failure in Geartec Commercials Ltd opinion to faulty workmanship on its part or defective materials used in the rebuilding then Geartec Commercials Ltd will either repair or replace the failed unit.

4. Geartec Commercials Ltd’s liability under this guarantee shall be in lieu of any warranty or conditions implied by law as to the quality or the fitness for any particular purpose of the unit and subject as aforesaid Geartec Commercials Ltd will not be under any liability for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise in contract ,tort or otherwise arising at anytime in connection with the use of the unit or any fault or defect in the same.

5. Geartec Commercials Ltd accept no liability arising dircectly or indirectly from parts which have not been replaced by the firm where there was a latent defect in the original unreplaced component ,which could not reasonably have been detected on inspection by Geartec Commercials Ltd.

6. This guarantee is given to the customer for whom Geartec Commercials Ltd originally undertook the work or supply of the materials and shall not be assigned or transferred to any other person, business or legal entity.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Geartec Commercials Ltd takes data protection very seriously, the information wehold is only that which is required to facilitate our contractual relationship with you,or because we believe we have legitimate interests to process your data for our business purposes.

The personal data we hold for you or your company will only be used by Geartec CommercialsLtd and will not be passed onto or shared with any other third party unless required for the fulfilment of our contract with you.

The company currently holds information within our accounting system which includes details such as :-

Company Name,Company Address,Company Contact Telephone Numbers,

VAT/Company registration number

Contact details for people within your organistation such as names,job tiltles,mailing & emailing addresses.In addition we may hold bank details for your company in connection with the products and services that we obtained from you.

We will keep personal data secure and we only have a limited number of people who have access to this data.Information about your data is stored on our IT systems and backed up to hard drives for security and loss prevention purposes,therefore we are the only party who have access.

Should you have any queries relating to the information we hold for your company or require and clarification of our processes and procedures then in the first instance email geartec@btinternet.com